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I was born in United States in 1957 to my mom Dorothy Shepard and dad John Love. My early life was challenged I was kidnapped from my loving foster parents after living with them from the age of 6 months to 4 years by an abusive step-father who my mom had later married. This rocky start to life lead to run-ins with the law in my teen years and living in a youth center for my ninth grade year. This “rehabilitation” program was the beginning of my ministry giving me an awareness of compassion and commitment to service. In the 1980's I graduated with a Business Management Degree, lived in an ashram and started my journey as a metaphysical minister and “Rainbow Guru”. My mentor, and half-brother, Kenneth Christy spent thousands of hours discovering, analyzing and documenting the Rainbow Story. In 1983 I started an international metaphysical newsletter “Rainbow Communications”.

Over the next several years I hosted of many metaphysical events; a monthly World Healing Meditation, Open Forum Lectures and a huge Universal Children's Day Fair. In 1986, after living in an ashram for a year, I wrote my first book. Over the next decades I have engaged in many metaphysical disciplines as a metaphysical minister and teacher. When I turned 50 I learned of my true biological father's identity; John Love who never married my mom but she revealed he was her one and only true soul mate. I use this their last names as my pen name in all teaching, writing and speaking endeavours. I love to produce websites and work as a community organizer and visionary. I continue to work and play as David Shepard Love, the “Rainbow Guru”, a popular meditation leader, speaker and author. I have published two books “Love Illuminations” and “Rainbow Matrix.” My autobiography, “Rainbow Peace Bridge” and sacred geometry meditation handbook “Mental Yoga” are just some of my new and upcoming books.

I continue to work and play as David Shepard Love, the “Rainbow Guru”, a popular meditation leader, speaker and author of two books Love Illuminations and Rainbow Matrix
David Love

Inspired by the zodiac, Revelation chapter 4, Buckminster Fuller and the Erno Rubik in the early 1970's the teaching of the Rainbow Equation made its first appearance through Kenneth E. Christy. Kenneth, a natural savant of metaphysics, dedicated his life to the Rainbow teaching and its universal applications. In 1981 David Shepard Love, started his mentoring under Ken lasting for decades. In 1983 an international publication, “Rainbow Communications” was started. Every year saw more and more evidence of the Rainbow Equation's correlations to the Universal Field Reality. The Rainbow Matrix became the foremost authority on the Universal Language of Light, always increasing in its mathematical precision and connections to the Rainbow Story in all its wonderful implications. Rainbow Communications, the newsletter, evolved into websites:,, and

In recent years is one of a trinity of informative websites produced by David Shepard Love. Rainbow.Guru® is the trademark name for the release of the most amazing and inclusive information of the Rainbow ever. is the encapsulation of the book Rainbow Matrix presenting an eclectic mix of science, prophecy and stories of the rainbow and their interdenominational play within all reality. is a meditation collective of the practice of Mental Yoga through Rainbow Flow Meditation. This site along with are linked back to the eclectic peace work presented within the site

RAINBOW.GURU is a theme and vision of the science and revelation the rainbow continues to offer as researchers and visionaries throughout the earth bring these vital teachings to light and heart of consciousness.