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Advanced Heart Meditation | Nature & Rainbow Driven

Advanced Heart Meditation means “Union” and “Connection.” This meditation practice can be interpreted to mean, "To be or move into union or connection with everything." In the rainbow light and energy merge together in a systematic pattern of unification. All flows with the oneness that is set forth within the patterns of nature.
Make the Most of Your Meditation! Breathe, connect and focus your heart and mind to fully activate chakra centres. Awaken your spirit to life force energy found in all of nature. Natural techniques will help you stop the “mind chatter” and powerfully connect you universally.
David Love
The system of Advanced Heart Meditation (AHM) is a meditation practice that can bring the unifying patterns of light, Sacred Geometry, and energy together into our being. This practice can align us as never before to Great Universal Source all around us. Once the being is in alignment then it can function as one with the all that is. This will bring us greater health, mental acuity and peace. In reality we already at one with all of these forces of nature. The matrix of the universe aligns with all that is manifest and unmanifest. AHM brings together a focused intent to have these unifying forces to cohere together in the body human. It is this intent to guide and direct natural unifying forces that enhances our well being as it brings us into greater alignment with the great unifier. We become in a real sense the great unifier as well as we harness the merkaba energies at the central core of our being.
Merkaba is the universal circular vortex realized. To truly engage with this energy we must harness or “ride” the “chariot wheels” as sages of the far east have shown us. Bringing these forces together in AHM allows us to be the driver, the one who guides. Processes to ride the merkaba energy can be drawn upon at any level from the simple to the complex. Wherever you are in your ability to direct or drive these energies will have supernatural benefits. On the simplest levels it may be just breathing into heart center forming a union between center and universe as you inhale and exhale with with focus and intention. As you advance you will incorporate more and more natural alignment with the platonic solids, the universal circular vortex and the energy matrix that aligns these.
AHM is especially effective as a meditation enhancement tool. The number one challenge people face in achieving effective meditation is quieting the mind. It is natural for the undisciplined mind to ramble on. Some refer to this as the monkey mind. If we are not focused in our meditation we are not present. Where our attention is, there we are. In most meditation practices we are encouraged to still the mind and enter what is referred to as the “Void.” At absolute center where all is still we are at zero point. Here in this center we have access to multi- dimensional connections beyond time and place. It is the ultimate expression of the merkaba realized.
In AHM we do not so much seek to empty the mind of chatter to move to merkaba center, but instead “Fill” the mind with processes that allow us to bring the merkaba energy together as one into the central core of our being. Instead of making “laundry lists” in the monkey mind rambling we are focusing and bringing together great unifying natural forces that enhance us our overall being. This process achieves the two-fold process of quieting the mind of useless chatter and activating our merkaba center. Many find this a fast track to enlightenment and well being through meditation. Whereas it may take months or years to still the monkey mind, AHM fills the mind, body and soul with the enormous benefits of the concentrated Universal Field Matrix. 01

  • Connect to Nature's Energy.
  • Energize Your Seven Energy Centers
  • Transformative Natural Simple Techniques
  • Merkaba Light Body Activation
  • Experience True Rainbow Energy
Within the universe is patternization and specific movement. There is no randomness in nature anywhere throughout the entire universal structure. Looking at the smallest known particles of existence or the very largest we see the same pattern repeat itself over and over again. These patterns follow the process of pure geometry always moving to the path of least resistance. Throughout all nature there is movement, there is life. Creation takes place within this structural arrangement of movement.

Author: David Shepard Love

Rainbow Reseacher, Lecturer, Innovator and Visionary
Founder Advanced Heart Meditation & Rainbow Communications
Co-founder of Rainbow Matrix . ~