LOve Coming

David Shepard Love | Rainbow Mystic & Visionary


There is a bridge in consciousness that exist between you and all life. It is our acceptance of the responsibility of the Freedom we have been given. There is nothing that is for free, only the love between you and me. The bridge between you and other conscious structures is a matter of acceptance of one another. We must all learn to get along while seeking to build congruencies between us. Seeking to Build will be the work we play with to understand freedom. The Rainbow shows many different and varying systems can come together and work in harmony. We, the civilization of Human, are beckoned as the Clarion Call of a Harmonious Universe sounds. As the Time of Change quickens about us we will need to quicken our thoughts and actions to recognize the symptoms of dead and dying systems built upon the illusions of mind. The Season of Change we are now entering into demands our heart be involved. We can no longer look at the needs of a few and not consider the needs of the All. As the Living Conscious Field is heralded in, i.e., the Aquarian Age influx of 4D energy, illumination will be key.


We will see the way things are as never before and as this very same conscious energy grows our Hearts will open as never before as we see, perhaps for the first time, the presence of an omnipotent and Loving Universe.


Before we here on earth can reconcile with this reality we must first free ourselves from fear. Freely you have received, freely give comes the voice of one in touch with the spirit of abundance. It is the voice in the heart that speaks in wretched tones of lack that brings about the lack. We are to learn to act in both mind and heart. The mind will see all the resources available and the heart will strive to see how can these resources be of benefit and good to the greatest amount of life. Where the resources are limited and there use is as wormwood to life process then these are to be abandoned.


If we are to be involved with the Business of the world perhaps it would be helpful to answer this question "Be U in siness"? Look at the word business and see this pattern of words. Then ask yourself is the business I'm involved in sinning. In the Christian language this sin is described as missing the mark, while a New Ager might say, "Sin is not fulfilling our divine destiny." In The Revelation Chapter 13 St. John describes a culture of civilization where no one, free or bonded, could buy or sell unless they had the mark. There are many who believe the love of money is the root of all evil. This love in a limited "god" has led us down the path of near destruction. But for the sake of the elect who, (were it possible to be fooled) might be deceived unless time be shortened. A system of economics can never be based upon lack and service to the few. A true system must utilize super abundant resources and find a way to distribute to everyone equally. The technologies, wisdom and perseverance exist to build a utopian society, but first we must choose.  


We are to choose between a system built upon the mark (image) of a man or a system built upon the mark (image) of God. We are to choose abundance over lack, life over death. A plan has been set in the minds of a few to seize this opportunity to take dominion over the world. This plan will fail, as will the plan of capitalism. The few can never control the many. It is only when the least among us is free of suffering that we can all be free. We must use wisdom in the handling of the earth's resources and turn our thoughts toward universal solutions that benefit in all ways. This is the system of universal economics, built upon the platform of love and truth.


Simple but hard questions we must ask of this present economic system of man. Are Stocks & Bonds becoming the strapping blocks about our necks holding us to earthly bonds? Does Interest serve the interest of the True Stewards of earth? What is the Real Estate, is it Really State owned or to be shared equally.

We Can All Be Billionaires! However, it will take a fundamental shift in consciousness to an economy based on sharing wisely the resources that flow from abundant channels. In the beginning of the Grand Civilization we must adopt a policy of living simply that others might simply live. As balance is restored to those are simply trying to survive then the grander strategy can be given attention: the ability to give from the abundance an equal measure, pressed down and flowing over.


How is it we can attempt to sell what an abundant universe has given to use freely? Can we bottle space, or air, or water, or the communication of people's light? These are made freely that those who yearn to draw upon the well of refreshment can. There are those who would attempt to channel the wells of life for their exclusive benefit fearing the well springs would run dry. The anti-universal flow of exclusivity is the desert created as life force is channeled greedily. The image of the Tree of Life is the path humanity is to follow as they restore Healing to the Nations and The River of Life renders sweet perfection as it fills the very heart streams of conscious convergence.     

We Can All Be Billionaires! However, it will take a fundamental shift in consciousness to an economy based on sharing wisely the resources that flow from abundant channels.

There is no money in the Rainbow. How can we sell the rainbow in the sky? Does a cube or a sphere have a owner? Can the colors of the rainbow flow a different way than they do? The answer made here is NO. These are universal statements of being. They exist whether or not a market system to sell them exist. The relation between linear and circular maintains itself whether plans to circulate this information exist or not. Universal statements of truth cannot be sold to the highest bidder for they exist beyond all price tags. We as a people are now beginning to recognize universal treasures are for the benefit to all people and the servants of life are rising up their voices to fling open the treasure chests.     

The image of the rainbow and the image of the money cannot hold polarities to each other. Under a system of money value is assigned by personalities often to benefit only the few the money is passed to. In the natural rainbow system all parts of the whole are considered. From this conscious consideration the interactive beauty of cooperation is brought to light as the true answers to abundance within all circumstances are revealed. One working in consideration with All and All working to the benefit of the One. The rainbow shows us the bridge to true economics is one that seeks to balance both infinite and finite resources for the benefit of all life.     

 In writings from The Lost Books of the Bible we read of the childhood days of Jesus the Christ. A story of unparalleled value came to light as the events of Jesus' Seventh birthday were shared with a seeking world. Knowing a birthday celebration was eminent young Jesus instructed to have all the children from the village to gather in the town hall. As the eager children waited for the festivities to begin suddenly the radiant child appeared. He had gathered in his arms and wagon food and gifts for all. This was to be a time when all the children would receive the gifts freely given.      

With the glint of love and knowledge in his eyes, Jesus joyously passed the gifts around. Rejoicing resounded as the children were lifted up. This is the image of the gift joyously and freely offered of Nature's Rainbow. It brings its greatest joy as it is given to the children of the earth freely, without attachments of ownership, that living wells of benefit will begin to flow. It is by holding on to things in which we are bonded and it is by freeing the things that bind us that we are set free. The Rainbow is a Free Gift to Humanity. People cannot claim to own color, sector or shape, for these the Creator has given us that we might know more of the Divine Expression of Light and Love.

Author: David Shepard Love

Rainbow Reseacher, Lecturer, Innovator and Visionary
Founder Mental Yoga & Rainbow Communications
Co-founder of Rainbow Matrix . ~