Love Coming

David Shepard Love | Rainbow Mystic & Visionary

— — I AM RACE — —

— — America 2012 & Beyond Change — —

A Shining Jewel has been placed in our midst that we might discover… Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty. Free at last! Reverend King resounded these words as testament to the Power of the One's Voice. He knew “Where is the Love?” It is in the hearts of all who have yearned to be Free… It is in the hearts of You and me. It is in all of us. Can't you see?

At the shore of These Great United States stands a Light held high by Lady Liberty. She stands as Hope, Healing and Mercy for the teaming masses coming to these United States. They/we proclaim, “Shine your Light on me. Set me free.” The Great Foundation for Freedom set into motion…The awareness of self-value equal to others self-value and The Pursuit of Happiness. We Stand as that great light held high for the world to see. The Light of Truth illumines our United States. In the United States of Being, destined in the consecration of love, we have made an opportunity to be the way showers.

We are not to be rulers over the earth… Nay. We are called to be stewards in United States of Being with all aspects of giving and receiving from this beautiful energetic life form we call our Mother Earth. All Children will benefit from the love our Mother has for us. She asks only a simple question of her human family, “Can't we all just get along?”

First, 2000 years ago one King stood scorned by his accusers and then in this generation another bruised and beaten “King” (Rodney King) asked the same question. “Can't we all just get along?” For this King was seen by Many to be unjustly beaten down, humiliated and unloved. The people stood forth saying, “Hey, Where is the Love?” Out of the City of Angels came the lesson. “We the Angels need your love and respect. We are Human!” The Evidence was in and the Light of Desired Liberty … SHOWN. Once again the masses yearned to be free. This time here in the USA City of Angels. Some brought anger to fury's fist and in desperation burned, looted and sought malice.

Lady Liberty held her light high this day. Yet, Did you see her tears roll gently down her commanding cheek? And did she, like a dear Mother, want to hold you who felt all that pain that day? Sometimes in the Children's pause from wrestling they look up to their dear Mother's eyes and see the glisten of the tear she holds for them. Such love she has for them as she shows the way. And the presence of the children's love is lifted high as even beyond word or action as they know they are loved. The Change is at Hand.

Lady Liberty, so much a symbol of the reality we of the United States embrace for at one time we were all aliens to this way of United States. We came searching for a something somewhere over the rainbow and found it was the rainbow itself that was our promise land. In this melting pot our illumination of self-values could come together and shine forth a beautiful spectrum for the entire world to see. As the glorious colors of many nations and unified states come together a testament to the power of synergy is proclaimed. In this synergy created there is LOVE that brings to the dry night air a ray of light and hope as the voice of the voiceless is reverberating its way across this Land of Golden Grain from sea to shinning sea. This is the synergy created as One stands up in the Pursuit of Happiness and Liberty for All. We of the America 's are not randomly placed in this glorious moment. We are Divinely placed for such a time as these. We in the light of our own recognition begin to show to the world a light so wonderful to behold we scarcely can breath it in.

We see our great I AM self and begin to live it lively. In synergy we move to great love of self and all life encompassing our individual “soul-er system”. We of America are called to de-scramble the puzzle. See, even America 's letters can be repositioned to Remind us saying now, “ I AM Race”. No longer are citizens of this grand civilization called only to shine the light of freedom for these United States, but now All The Earth's Human Race is destined to be free. Human Kind is excepting their inheritance to divine providence as never before. We are seeing and accepting our own Love/Power. No longer, “I could be Love/Power” or “I should be Love/Power.” Now the Race of Human Kind is proclaiming, “I AM Love/Power!”

The Light of Lady Liberty burns mystically and mildly across the land and emblazoned in the hearts of the Ones everywhere an awakened ember of compassion is stirred to fabulous passion. Her Light feels its way into the One who in longing hours felt “Readied”, yet the cry within to without, “Just show me the way.”

“Oh Dear Child”, her powerfully tender voice reaches You…. “I hold the light for you just to tell you I love you and I am not afraid. You and all here in my family are poised in this time to live the radiant hope I always knew you were capable of. As the Mother's love is kindled in her children a bond is set beyond time and place. Love Transcendent becomes the Golden Rule. Now I, your Lady of Liberty set you free, even as I Am Liberty. Know that My Light held high guides you. Even as a Mother's love is beyond all distance, so too I will be there. Now go forth holding Your light high and let freedom ring across the land as you become today's sojourners of truth and justice.”

A clear passion once was shown in the hearts and fruits of Americans as shown in the reality of the foundation of the Union of these United States. Here the fruits of Love Divine shown brightly in the People's actions of a state of the Original Union called Pennsylvania. The truly devote actions of the then state Governor William Penn, in harmony with those of his faith brought forth Good Fruit. These United States citizens proclaimed, “We see the twinkle of life in every human person and know this is the light of God within this person.” Along with this proclamation came the fruit of the action of not participating in the war against Native Americans in this state. During those several years of divine leadership no murders were reported in this immaculate state. Union among all life was heralded. While wars and rumors of wars waged across imaginary borders, Peace was waged here in the knowledge of the unity of people through seeing the loving twinkle in the eye of a sister/brother.

The Union of the Peoples had begun as the Great Grandfathers had prophesied. Over many generations the Elders and the Wise Ones have gathered, consecrating this land now called the Americas. It is decreed in Sacred Ceremony a foundation of unity among all Native to this Our Mother Earth, “We are to Live in Harmony with all Life.” Each from his and her native land now gathers in the fulfillment of this Divine Heritage. The shinning jewels have graced the shores of this Union and offer a service. The twinkling of many souls, each is resonating a colorful ray of unique and treasured value. As we move mightily toward 2012, this is the hope seen in the transforming rainbow seen at the end of the once dreaded storm. In this bowing of the many colors to the One Light of Love, America is becoming a light of transformational beauty and awe. This is the Melting Pot of the United States of Being.

Yet, we are not alone. We all have the One who Nurtures us, Our Sweet Mother Earth. To this One we all share a common home, encircling Her with billions of twinkling lights. Each twinkle of light a treasure and jewel given thought and consideration to our symbiotic connectedness to the One. Standing, we move in Simple Wonder of it All. Standing, power moves through us. We become all powerful as we seek only that power flow through us which is in harmony. In this harmonious flow of power we Melt with the fabric of all that is good, holy and just.

The Nations of the world are gathering in a place known as Jerusalem. Here and in nations abroad, many of the world's great so-called religions have fixed their eyes and ears this Gathering. Wise Ones question, “This is the Messiah's Return?” Once again the sacred gathering of the Elders and Wise Ones have seen the return of the Melting Pot as the many gather to understand the One. Here, where many of the world seeking with our eyes and ears and still do not understand.

We do not understand even though USA is right in the middle of “ JerUSAlem ”. We are so much more than our simple small selves as we realize the Omnipotence of our Connectivity. In the simplest acts of love we can have great value and resource if we are willing to let love's ripple effect work through us. In love's ripple all is lifted up and cooperation is brought to bear. Change for the better is inevitable as greater systems of good are established.

We are not alone. We all have the One who Nurtures us, Our Sweet Mother Earth. To this One we all share a common home, encircling Her with billions of twinkling lights. Each twinkle of light a treasure and jewel given thought and consideration to our symbiotic connectedness to the One.

America this is your time. Wake Up! So much more than you ever conceived before is possible! Symbols to a grand reality are saying to you Love is the Way. From our United States we are being called help establish order in America. Could we help establish a I AM RACE that all persons will come to realize they are holy, ascended and free? In I Am consciousness we become aware of all that we are and Divine Power flows through us. The resonating self realizes its simple connectivity to all life. In the spirit of service and compassion she/he seeks to lift up that life, harmonizing and healing that this One also might dwell in his/her greatest potential of love and joy. This is living in the I Am Consciousness. This is the Messiah's Return.

Yet, the so-called Battle of Armageddon in sues between the forces that see the world of lack and the forces that know love in truth produces great abundance. The so-called meek ones are letting their power of love and truth flow through them. They are joining as true stewards of this earth. As a young and tender plant breaks through the soil of its earthly bonds and reaches triumphantly toward the warmth of the loving light, so too this soul of life reaches knowing of its heavenly sustenance. The Sustainer, Mother Earth – Below and Father Sky – Above, this is the balance of nature's envelope.

The meek one peacefully resounds in the wonder of her/his power. Meanwhile, the selfish-strong stirs fear as rumors of war and war persist. The selfish-strong want and they want. They get. But what have they got for their plundering of the earth? More earth. They have not reached forth with noble hand to the nurturer of all life, seeing their connectivity to all life. Once breaking through the mire about his/her eyes the light and all its illumination shines on the Noble Being with heart and hand extended. The healing can begin. Where once wars waged now rivers of peace do flow. The healing of this Nation of Being will flow from every valley and every hill filling the Nations of the World. Sanity will return.

In these days of wonders, which no previous generation has ever seen before and will never see again, will be a season of great CHANGE. Change will occur as TRUTH shines forth into all areas of life and decaying processes of an old and dying system are brought to the LIGHT of Recognition. The Light-Bearers of this Generation will reach forth the Noble Hand and have compassion upon those who have without mercy sought to hurt and destroy OUR Mother – Earth. These children, our brothers and sisters, had just quite just yet seen the twinkling in the eye of their Dear Mother and Loving Father. Mother-Earth embraced in Father-Sky, each so freely extends All to this Beloved Child of theirs.

The All Sacred Mother and the All Loving Father knew of their love saying, “I Love You and I Am not afraid.” Yet the children are to learn for them selves not to be afraid. They are to grow rooted in the Mother's nurturing and the Father's Light of Love. The Children are Choosing their destiny as a nurturing earth and loving-living conscious field gently guides their way.

The Light-Bearers of this Generation will reach forth the Noble Hand and have compassion upon those who have without mercy sought to hurt and destroy OUR Mother – Earth.

For the meek ones this “guidance” comes naturally as conscious reception fields subtly open to vast realizations of interconnectedness. Pray for those still navigating their battle in Armageddon as their conscious minds struggle to claim reality over illusion. Some will see a parable in the symbolism of today's rumors of war and wars. Then, still there will be others to embrace illusion as reality. These may whisper in a crevassed heart, “If only I could Bag-Dad… if only I could control all of the Father's wealth.” Can one actually Bag Dad? “Bag-Dad” as a symbol Roars as a Mighty Lion. The America we know is scrambled in accepting its divine order. Millions of years of the Father's Sun-Light energy went into plants that has become the fossil fuel oil which lubricates the gigantic plates of Mother-Earth. A journey of millions of years of sunlight now forced from earth by her children's choice to control the pipeline of natural energy. The journey of light energy need only take a second as we draw upon abundant resources of hydrogen and solar. This is a simple journey even our sister-flowers and brother-trees have known as they turn pure water and light into their life being.

One looking to an outer measurement of a Temple might just see parables when they are told of Jerusalem, The City of Angels (Los Angeles) or Bagdad. Perhaps, they are being as a tree in the forest and not seeing the forest. The grand wonder of the forest's connectivity is not yet seen. All around simple magnificent you is a flurry of life orchestrating so much more than ever thought possible. We, Human, are so much more than a Tree for we have Freewill and right of determining our destiny. We can choose if we are going to bag dad or to help to establish a true and lasting system of peace here on earth. We can choose if we are to come as a divided nation or a United States. We can choose if our coastlines are to reflect Union from the City of Angels to the Hand of Lady Liberty's Light.

As we continue the Seven-year countdown beyond the Monumental year of 2012… We, the Human of the Species, are to be challenged to CHANGE as never before. Divine Order within the Cosmos is in a great dance with us as Love makes its indelible imprint here on Earth. We are the generation that will CHOOSE to Stand and say, “I won't walk away… for I Love You too much.” This is the Beginning of Peace on Earth.

Author: David Shepard Love

Rainbow Reseacher, Lecturer, Innovator and Visionary
Founder Mental Yoga & Rainbow Communications
Co-founder of Rainbow Matrix . ~