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 Light is seven, yet one. It is Seven within the illumination of manifestation. It is one within the spiritual conscious mind, which is the creative space out of which the manifestation arises.
 Light is the illumination of manifestation. Manifestation, also known as the "Logos" or the "Word", is the opposite polarity of the spiritual dimension of the Mind, also known as "Space.
Space is Seven and Three, yet One. It is Seven within the dimensional polarity of its directional axes. It is One within its unit wholeness. Its unit wholeness in relation to Space is spherical.  In relation to manifestation its unit whole is cubical.

 The Spirit of God must be conceived of as encompassing All Dimensionality. St. Paul writes, "In Him we move and live and have our being".

In simple terms, He encompasses the total dimensionality of our lives. The Spirit of God manifesting within the being of Jesus Christ is described in St. John in these terms, "He is the light that shines upon every man coming into the world."

Also in 1st John we read, "God is Light and in him there is no darkness at all."

In Zechariah, chapter four we read, "For these seven Lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that see everywhere around the world."

In Revelation, chapter four, written by St. John we read, "Directly in front of His throne were Seven lighted lamps representing the Seven-fold Spirit of God."

We also read here,"A Rainbow glowing like an emerald encircles His throne."


 Thus we find within St. John's spiritual conception a direct relationship between the nature of light and the nature of God's Being. God's Being appears to us from the perspective within the Logos as Space. It also appears to us as light which is visibly manifesting Creation.

— — Signature of God = THE RAINBOW — —

Signature = Sign/Nature -- Sign of Nature -- Sign in Nature Restated Title = "The Rainbow; The sign of the nature of God."    

 "The rainbow was the last of God's creation perceived after the flood and as such is the Signature or Sign of the Nature of God within the universe. For the Author of Creation has indeed Signed the Book of Life with the Seven Colors of the Rainbow to reflect His Seven-Fold Being."


In the Living Bible, Zechariah 3:9 we read -     "He will be the Foundation Stone of the Temple that Joshua is standing beside, and I will engrave this inscription on it seven times: I will remove the sins of this land in a single Day."

In the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Chapter 176:13-14 we read -     "I conquered death, I stamped upon him and arose: Brought immortality to light and painted on the walls of time a rainbow for the sons of men; and what I did all men shall do."


The speed of light (electromagnetism) relative to a gravitational center remains constant in measurement. Yet, since speed is a measure of distance/time and time slows down proportionally to the gravitational density, the measuring of the constant of the speed of light is the measurement of its variance of speed proportionally to the gravitational density. Electro-magnetism, electro-magnetic waves, and light are oscillations carried upon the gravitation wave or field.


  • What is it we always see? …….. All we ever see is light.
  • What is illuminated by the light? ……… Shape and color.
  • What exist whether there be a Universe or not? ……. And the answer made is space.
  • Space ==>> Light/Color ==>> Shape
  • What is it that defines shape? …… Shape is defined by the space that contains it. Space is the base infinite frequency. Shape is a specific tuning of the Infinite Frequency field of space.
  • Infinite to finite, what is the relation? ….. That which is finite is a specified tuned frequency of the Infinite Frequency Field of Space.
  • How is the Mystery of the Universe/Being sealed? ….. It is sealed with the rainbow.
  • How will the Mystery of the Universe/Being be revealed? ….. By the perception of the light into the convergence of the Rainbow Spectrum into One Conscious Understanding.

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      If we take wire (Linear Mode expression) flowing with electricity and wrap (circular mode expression) it around a nail it produces an electro-magnet.     Thus we perceive that on a real three-dimensional level that there are functional energetic relationships between linear and circular perspectives.     The distances that the planets are from the earth is measured along a strait line (linear) but the planets circle (circular)     All Geometric configurations can be analyzed as a combination of linear and circular components.


    There is no coincidence. It does not exist as an entity in the universe. What we view as coincidence is only the reflection of our misapprehension of the true state of universe. In universe there is no chance. Chance is the illusion of the blind. All expressions happen for the reason of education that we might perceive true functioning of Mind to Universe, and perceive the unity of these two as One. The Father and the Son is one, and I and the Father are one. Love is the lesson we must learn.



    Any time there is a shift in universal forces it is reflected as an increase or decrease in amplitude. The universal forces are directly connected into all experiences. These universal forces in scientific terminology are called of the three that travel across space: static, gravity and electro-magnetism. The four that do not travel across space are electricity, heat, strong nuclear forces and weak nuclear forces. The seven universal forces are a direct hologramic projection and condensation of space itself. Anytime a change occurs within the universal forces it causes an electro-magnetic wave of specific frequency to travel out from its perspective toward the universal perspective of space itself of which it is, as stated, a hologramic projection and condensation of.


      Space, in metaphysical terminology, is synonymous with the term spirit. Therefore, in metaphysical terminology all that is manifest by the seven universal forces are directly created and hologramically projected and condensed from Spirit. Therefore, electromagnetism in its total spectrum is a communicative wave coming from that which is manifested to communicate to that which it is manifested from. In order that there be continuity in universal experience and evolution. From the forgoing it should be obvious that the total goal in evolution is directed toward the understanding of the manifestation of universal unity and creative individuality, which in its simplest conception is termed; love.    

     Therefore, love in its correct universal perspective is, in fact, the foundation stone of the universal unity. The conscious realization of this and the expression of this into global conscious reality is termed in prophecy the Kingdom of Heaven. Within the Living Rainbow is found the seven keys to understanding the rainbow is a direct hologramic reflection of the total electro-magnetic spectrum of experience which is the interlink of mind between the creator and creation.

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