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When groups or an individual focuses on magnifying peace it can bring about a physical phenomena known as a sundog. A regular sundog is common to see but when the mind merges into universal peace directions this type of sundog can be magnified in brightness 1000-fold. Most of the time when people observe what is called a sundog it appears as a very large extended aura around the sun or moon. The light encircles the sun reflecting off of rain midst into a very much larger circle of light. This process produces a tri-fractory rainbow, where the light is refracted three times before it is finally observed. It is the triple refraction of the sun's light that usually makes this type of sundog's aura faintly appear in the sky.

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Mystics and philosophers have long looked at universal connections between the alignment of personal chakra energy centers and universal energy centers that connect us to all. When we make our lives purposeful and peaceful we feel in alignment with these universal energy centers. This connectivity is a bridge between the formed and unformed. Light energy that coheres within the person who contains it with vitality and hope is able to activate it with this internal coherency and then release it back synergized to universal source. Could this be the connection behind sundogs that look like super bright rainbows around the sun?

Personal testimonies have been given by individuals and groups who have witnessed super bright rainbows around the sun shortly after a super strong feeling of connectivity with universal source. Here are two such accounts here. The first was reported to have occurred within an hour of first major organized presentation of rainbow equation on July 15, 1983. You can read below Terri's account of a brilliant rainbow around sun where she witnessed the vivid violet band of a universal seven colored rainbow actually touch the sun's edge for over fifteen minutes. Another reported incident occurred in New Mexico. A super bright rainbow around the sun occurred in Santa Fe in 1985 as reported in local newspapers. This brightly colored rainbow encircled the sun after a large summer solstice meditation event called International Peace Prayer Day, where major world-wide religious groups came together for a day of Focused Peace and Harmony for All. Dozens of witnesses reported seeing the brilliant circular rainbow, vastly brighter than any sundogs anyone had seen before. These vividly colored bright rainbows around the sun were said to give a most peaceful feeling ever experienced on lookers shared afterwards. Psi researchers are showing mind does affect physical outcomes. As consciousness continues to grow exponentially here on earth the apparentness of conscious connection to predictable outcomes will grow in understanding. Some believe this global awakening could increase so rapidly and with such momentum it could create a visible sustainable rainbow around the earth as the natural light energy aura field of the earth increase exponentially. Perhaps applied consciousness could grow and grow to such a point these two natural/celestial lights of the earth's axis could also visibly grow and grow until they merge creating a visible rainbow of light to encircle the entire planet. December 21, 2012 is looking like a good time to see such universal and global signs as the earth and her people move toward destiny: unanimity.
Author: David Shepard Love

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Friday, July 15, 1983 is one of the most important days of my life. In the morning I started off by writing a poem on Love. Then feeling peaceful I went to the garden where I've spent much time. As I was moving the earth I came across an incomplete heart antiqued by the soil which I tossed over my shoulder saying, "Who would ever make a heart incomplete?" Thirsty after gardening I went into the trailer to get a drink and found in the center of the counter two purple-indigo hearts joined together by a shimmering gold chain. Never before this day had I seen those hearts.

Near noon I went out to check my mail. It was a partially cloudy day yet the sun shone brightly from the sky's center. I was walking back, happy from receiving an early care package, when it came over me to look up into the sky. There I beheld the clearest, Most universal Rainbow of bright clear colors completely encircling the Sun. Each of the seven colors shone brilliantly. No clouds interfered, yet they stretched in waves to the horizons. It shinned directly down on me and gave me the most peaceful feeling of my entire life. Sincerely, Terri A.

— — LOVE — —

If you really love one another, just remember this
The trip you take, whether short or long, is a special gift
Don't fear the end, for it will come in due time
Just enjoy it day to day, what you have in your mind.
Let your love flow freely for the one it's intended for.
Because behind that door, if the key fits right, you'll find
Millions of other doors that will open to your mind.
Do not lose that love, especially for yourself
Unless you want those doors to close and that key go on the shelf.
When you let those doors close you also close the ones to your mind,
Then you can easily lose that love for yourself and mankind.
So keep on loving one another, till end time is due,
And there will be nothing ever to fear, except for you
--written morning of July 15, 1983 by Terri A.
Author: Terri Sue Andress

Author: David Shepard Love

Rainbow Reseacher, Lecturer, Innovator and Visionary
Founder Mental Yoga & Rainbow Communications
Co-founder of Rainbow Matrix . ~

Author: David Shepard Love

Rainbow Reseacher, Lecturer, Innovator and Visionary
Founder Mental Yoga & Rainbow Communications
Co-founder of Rainbow Matrix . ~