Love Coming

David Shepard Love | Rainbow Mystic & Visionary

— — RAPTURE NOW! Living Vortex Energy — —

We are given the power of conscious choice. It is our active participation in the moment at hand that we bridge the unseen with the seen. It seems quite normal to take that which is unseen and mystify it, calling it by many names and doctrines. It would appear to be just another easy sell, after all if the names applied don't apply fit the doctrine how can one really test the unseen? How is it we conscious beings, which includes us all, are drawn to see patterns in the unseen?

Being uniquely human gives us all to an opportunity to make choices about what we see. In a conscious state we see the patterns that align with true reality and those of more in alignment with established reality. It is the truth, which sets us free, otherwise our human nature will wrestle against the incongruence of the patterns received. Consciousness, personal and universal, is completely congruent in its pattern of manifest reality. Our greatness as human is we can recognize the pattern as the conscious mind follows congruencies of actual pattern.

So-called Master Teachers have in many cases sought to show us how to live a congruent life though practicing truth, love and service in all aspects of our life. The Universal Consciousness overlays the personal consciousness with the very same foundation stones of Truth of its quantifiable reality, Love of its absolute unity and Service to all life in the Name of Love and Truth. It is at this point we are to choose. A house that stands divided against itself cannot stand. We are that very temple that is the house for this immaculate conception.

All people have the very resonant core of universal consciousness within them, yet it must be set free by conscious choice. For God (universal consciousness) so loves he would sacrifice his beloved child (you) if not your choice were not given preeminence in the moment. We choose our destiny. We choose to align with foundational principles. In alignment with truth, love and service we choose life-giving principles over ones that might tend to separate us. This is the only true path to peace and harmony. God does not demand our sacrifice of principles only service to them.

Thriving in the viper's pit is a conscious choice. Established foundationally with the living service of the universal love and truth, all people can potentially thrive. Its concept is to move to the center of the perceived conflict and dance there in. In the midst of the confusion and the chaos there is a pattern, a light of reasoning found. This is the light we need to focus on if we are to be free. Once the conscious pattern is found even in the darkest of circumstances it becomes that glimmer of hope upon which all other truth and wisdom is built upon. A pattern can only be found as the light of its reality is brought to bear. As any human pursues to the best of their momentary ability to recognize the truth and act upon it in loving service more light and truth is revealed. The very process of loving and serving all life aligns us with universal light and truth. A virtual cascade of light becomes available, but are we ready to align our vehicles?

What we first ready ourselves to realize is we all are the chosen one of the Great Universal Consciousness. We all have within the matrix to align universally, yet we must come with a spirit of meekness empowered by love. One named "Jesus" said, "The greatest among you is the one who is a servant to all." In Mathew 25 38-40 it reads, "When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me. This "King" showed his power through resonating love and truth yet knew that all people were akin to each other and love lost toward the one who suffers effects us all. By the same token we all are called to royalty as we resonate truth in love in our own lives. One named Jesus asked he not be called master but servant as he washed his disciples feet. We are called to loving service that we might fulfill the symbolism behind Jesus' name. It also could read--- "Gee-Us".

The man named Jesus did not come as a ruler of nations but a servant to them. In KJV Mathew 23:8-12 it reads,

"But be not you called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all you are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be you called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ. But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted."
Mathew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."

We are in line with our royal inheritance as we demonstrate truth, love and service because we are living in harmony with the divine and immaculate conception. We become the divine blueprint for the foundations of pure consciousness. Living in the very essence of Christ service to all life gives us all the keys to the Kingdom. Christ sought not superiority but a chance to benefit their lives. As we love one another, living in the "name", i.e. identity and image, of one who emanates the perfected Christ spirit, then we become that begotten son or daughter of God. We live as Christ lives and all else is added.

The word, "Rainbow" appears only once in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, chapter 176 verses 12-14.

"The Roman soldier pierced my hands and feet with nail, then one pierced my heart. They put me in a tomb, and I wrestled with the conqueror of men. I conquered death, I stamped upon him and arose. Brought immortality to light and painted on the walls of time a Rainbow for the sons of men; and what I did all men shall do. This gospel of the resurrection of the dead is not confined to Jew and Greek; it is the heritage of every man of every time and clime; and I am here a demonstration of the power of man. Then he arose and pressed the hand of every man and of the royal host, and said, Behold I am not myth made of the fleeting winds, for I am flesh and bone and brawn; but I can cross the borderland at will."

Earlier in chapter 52 Jesus receives the scroll marked "Heroism" as he see the reality of the "pit" of hungry beast and creeping things he had been placed in. He asked his captures,

"Why did I meekly sit to be bound down with chain?" And in his might he rose, and what he thought were chains were only worthless cords that parted at his touch. And then he laughed and said, "The chains that bind men to the carcasses of earth are forged in fancy's shop; are made of air, and welded in illusion's fire. If man will stand erect, and use the power of will, his chains will fall, like worthless rags; for will and faith are stronger than the stoutest chain that men have ever made." And Jesus stood erect among the hungry beast, and birds and said, "What is this darkness which envelopes me? Tis but the absence of light; And what is light? Tis but the breath of God vibrating in the rhythm of rapid thought." And then he said, "Let there be light;" and with a mighty will he stirred the ethers up, and their vibrations reached the plane of light; and there was light. The darkness of that den of night became the brightness of a newborn day. And then he looked to see the beasts, and birds, and creeping things; lo, they were not."

To live a heroic life even in the pitfalls of life we need to acquire an attitude of victory over fear. We are to let the light shine to illuminate earth's systems of controls and see them as forged in fancy's shop, joyfully responding to them with will and faith clearing away the darkness which keeps it in illusion's fire of non-reality.

St. John knew well about celebrating rapture even in the viper's pit. Some of the true teachings of the original manuscripts of the Holy Bible have been lost through misunderstandings that led to editing to bring into alignment with what ever the focus group of that century was. However, perhaps these editors felt The Revelation to be just fine with its fiery beast and plagues. Fear as a base emotion has been used to control the masses for much of civilization. Now is the time to read beyond fear and take charge of our lives and world. This is the revelation. We are intimately connected into the very process of change The Revelation speaks of.

A correct language of polarities is to be understood. Love and hate are not of the same polarity. Correctly stated, it is Love and Wisdom. Peace and war as polarities must be replaced with the correct alignment of Peace and Joy. A God of smite cannot share any alignment with a God of Love and Light. WE ARE TO CHOOSE LIFE OVER DEATH. Symbolically, so much more can be given to us from the Bible's Garden of Eden story. We as cultures of the earth have chosen to take of the fruits, i.e., resources, from the tree of knowledge. We have taken of this fruit the Universe offers with disregard to its safety and abundance. Many have said, "We must take the bad with the good." This is not a polarity toward universal abundance.

St. John states, "In God there is no darkness at all." We have a choice to move toward the darkness and partake of fruit of ill repute, but this choice leads to living outside the will of an all sustaining universe and our destiny of unbridled love. Genesis "3:22" speaks of the Tree of Life that is guarded by the swords of Truth in all directions. To return to our Eternal Source we need to enter truthfully, not with fruits of ill repute. As we reach forth our loving hand earnestly the forbidden fruit cannot enter in. This is how we remove the "curse" we have felt as we have dwelt outside the Garden. In complete reflection to Bibles first book we see in Revelation "22:3" the following, "And there shall be no more curse…"

To gain insight into universal matrix as it effects us it may be useful to look at patterns represented universally. Symbolically and literally there are two primary forces in the universe. They have been called by many different names to indicate their relativity to each other. Strong-Weak forces, Yen-Yang, Shiva-Shakti and Masculine-Feminine are but a few of these names. In general one force conceives and nurtures while the other force emancipates with truth. The emancipator (linear) represents Consciousness-Being while the nurturer (circular) represents Life Force.

These forces naturally occur through all levels of creation, the smallest to the largest. As the forces of linear and circular interact with each other in a great cosmic dance we see pattern occurring as their blending create. From atom's nucleuses to the great spiral nebula we see Linear/Circular synergy. Examining the spiraling vortex energy of hurricanes and tornadoes we see patterns of the circular torus vortex of energy. The dynamic energy flows along what might be described as a large rotating circular "apple" shape. This shape resembles the magnetic force iron filings patternize into as they flow along the axes of energy created. The flow moves from the center axis while collecting energy from the spherical shell. The flow is moving in a sort of three-dimension spiral as the vertical rod or shaft defines the center of the Circular torus. This "rod" of energy maintains the same position as a core of an apple and a host of other natural phenomena. In tree formations we see it as the trunk's center flows forth into spherical formations of roots and branches. In spiral galaxies we see them as the smallest particles in space get caught up in this spherical torus and as the very building blocks of the universe merge along linear and circular perspectives the evidences is left in their spiracle creations. All life follows this evolutionary process. In Humans we notice, as we stand tall with our arms and hands stretched wide, we also share commonality with the circular torus vortex of energy. In this position we see our heart as center of the Rod of Fire and Seven spherical bodies of light spirally rotating through its center. In Humans as we open ourselves to this flow of energy great connections in the Universal awareness is established. However, many live with dark and murky layers of energy about them that is to be brought to the light within love to be cleansed. In The Revelation 3:18 the Christ energy urges us, "I counsel thee to buy of me (The Christ Consciousness) gold tried in the fire, that you may be rich; and white raiment, that you may be clothed." In The Revelation 2:27 it reads,

"And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father."

Representations of this "Rod of iron" are seen in the serpent-like 3D spiraling of the double helix of DNA and the medical symbol of the caduceus. Kundalini is the "thread" upon the seven centers of consciousness or chakras is patterned along. It is called the serpent-fire because in its actions it is fiery and serpent-like. One activates and aligns their charkas with universal flow through prayer and meditation. Prayer takes the outer life inward, while meditation the inner life outward. In Sanskrit, people who initiate this fiery coiling power, which is awakened from the base of the spine, are called a Nagas or "serpents".

In Mathew 10:16 it reads, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be you therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." As one activates their chakra centers the Kundalini rises. The wisdom of the ages is made available as we move forward in a spirit of love. This is our kingly power as we go forth as sheep into the midst of wolves. There will still be wars and rumors of wars, while plagues and suffering sweep the earth as in no other point in the history of man, for these things must come to past. However, we are to Stand Tall, demonstrating the power of Human potential. We Take Charge of our destiny as we align and purify ourselves, becoming instruments of peace and light. In line with universal standards of illuminated truth, we are prepared to be the true stewards of earth.

In this generation there will be an influx of Living Conscious Energy upon the earth's life streams as never before experienced. This is the very 4D Living Conscious energy spoken of in The Revelation chapter 21:3 where it states, "Look, the home of God is now among men." The overlaying of 4D reality will become apparent to us as a time of super human mental, telepathic and healing abilities. As we move more under the influence of the Aquarian Age and the shortening of time intensifies there will be many wonders in the heavens and here on earth. Those who have prepared their vehicles to receive this cosmic influx will benefit greatly as the feed back loop between act and consequence literally shortens in time. We will see "coincidences" which will stagger the imagination as the unseen energies merge with the seen. This coincidental field will only intensify as we move closer to a time of time no longer.

The great and small alike are rising up and holding their light high for truth and justice here on earth. The people are now given authority as never before to be of aid and comfort in areas of need in these tumultuous times. In all areas of need the solution will be provided as we turn toward universal solutions. The greatest of these will be love. This love will allow us to create free energy for all of the earth's people. Drawing upon the abundance of the universe's energy, i.e. hydrogen, solar, will accomplish this grand achievement. As we turn to abundant solutions all of the calamity will fade away. Hunger, homelessness, environmental degradation, and health issues will become a way of past generations. It is as if the Great Universal Source is saying to us, "Draw upon my vastness, which I make freely available to you, and I will give you rest and comfort, drying up all your tears. Seek me first and ALL else will be added.

Living the Rapture Now is a matter of choice as we align our "fiery Rod" with this incoming tremendous influx of energy. We can live "In Awe" of every moment as we live a super conscious life of love and service. Here, as the magnanimous challenge lies about us, we can dance.

Author: David Shepard Love

Rainbow Reseacher, Lecturer, Innovator and Visionary
Founder Mental Yoga & Rainbow Communications
Co-founder of Rainbow Matrix . ~