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Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow. It is a comprehensive study of the language of light and how it manifests universally within base Sacred Geometry with the specific guidance of the natural rainbow. This book reveals all the major worldwide Rainbow Prophecies and how the effect us in the here and now.

The earth is awakening as never before. Rainbow Matrix is a guide book revealing the nature of Time, Dimensions and Para-Normal Reality. We as a people are forming a collective of consciousness on all fronts; Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Community. This books brings it all together into one place presenting the inner workings of these base aspects that once eluded us yet now are revealed as we come together as One Rainbow Family United in Peace, Love and Understanding to Create a Bold New Earth. There has never been a rainbow book like this one. It is timeless and enduring, a must read for any and all on the path of awakening to higher realities.

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Discover the Deepest aspects of the rainbow. is the companion website for It is packed full of many excepts from the book Rainbow Matrix. Engulf yourself with the knowledge of Dimensions Time, Sacred Geometry and how it All the Interplays with the Rainbow. Are you ready to take the rainbow journey further than you have ever traveled before? Check out or buy the book at our online store at the low price of $7.77


Let your journey into the heart of the rainbow begin. Rainbows are everywhere with their bending of the white light. Within this bending, or refraction, of light a magical process happens that connects the dimensions of space and the world of matter as we know it. Rainbows with their mystical qualities and promise of deliverance have appeared in nearly every religion and spiritual discipline in the world. It is rainbows that connect our soul to the supernatural as they appear majestically after a storm. Rainbows are our sign-in-nature, giving us a grander connection and “sig-n-ature” of a Universal Source and Power. This signature the rainbow offers is our signpost to realizing what humans have sought to realize for eons of time.
The signature of nature's rainbow signifies, It All Works Together as One.
Within this book the observer will come to realize that the connection is grander than ever imagined. The journey into the heart of the rainbow is one of Universal Commonalities. It is a journey into the very heart of the Great Merkabah that originates from the absolute center of the Universal Circular Vortex. The rainbow journey flows upon the base matrix of space itself bringing absolute connectivity to Sacred Geometry. The rainbow and Sacred Geometry flow from the same natural wellspring. The rainbow offers within the specifics of its color spectrum a direct and wondrous connection to Sacred Geometry – the base building blocks of the universe. The door to understanding universality is being made manifest through the rainbow matrix. . .
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Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow.

"I finished reading your book yesterday.
I loved the end especially, a complete sense of peace and love. As if it were the end of anything that ever had to be said!
Isn't this the last book that ever needs to be written!!!!????
Your writing manner is striking. You are a conduit presenting facts and you do it masterfully in it's ease and straightforwardness, never allowing yourself to get in it's way yet palpably present. That makes everything very credible and trustworthy.
The formulas are amazing. Absolutely astounding. Again, expertly presented.
Charming, endearing, hope-instilling and miraculously comforting are the many facts this book presents. True balm for our development toward that perfection."

Chapter One: Expanding Dimensions
Universal Cube ~ 9
Dimensional Infinite and Finite ~ 16

Chapter Two: The Universal Translator
Seven-Fold Color and Sound ~ 22
Rainbow Geometry ~ 29
Circular Observations ~ 31
Linear Observations ~ 35

Chapter Three: Everything is In Perfect Shape
3rd Frequency Rainbow Cube ~ 44
3rd Frequency Rainbow Sphere ~ 50
3rd Frequency Rainbow Tetrahedron ~ 54

Chapter Four: The Universe Revolves Around You
Merkabah ~ 62
Universal Circular Vortices ~ 69

Chapter Five: The Time of Your Life
Synchronicities ~ 84
Psychic Fields ~ 86
Healing ~ 88
Materialization and Levitation ~ 91

Chapter Six: Rainbow Equation Time Axis
Time Symmetry Co-Incidence ~ 99
White Symmetry Vector Equilibrium ~ 102
4th Frequency Three Dimensional Rainbow Triangle ~ 104
Third Eye Open ~ 109

Chapter Seven: The Nature of Things
Golden Mean Ratio ~ 117
Golden Ratio in Plants ~ 119
Golden Ratio in Humans ~ 121
Golden Ratio in Pyramids ~ 127

Chapter Eight: The Rainbow Equation ~ 133
Aspects of the Rainbow Equation ~ 135
Plane Axis ~ 147
3D/Plane Axis ~ 150
3D Axis ~ 156
3rd Frequency Rainbow Cube ~ 159
Symmetries of 144 ~ 162
The Table of Lambda ~ 165
Rainbow Equation's Table of Nicomachus ~ 166
Most Important Rainbow Equations ~ 170

Chapter Nine: Sacred Life Connections
Genesis 1:1-3 ~ 177
Genesis 3:22 & Revelation 22:3 ~ 178
Tree of Life ~ 180
The Rainbow Covenant ~ 183
Yin Yang ~ 186

Chapter Ten: Revelations for New Earth
Revelation Four Diagram ~ 192
Cube City ~ 211
Nature's 666 ~ 218

Chapter Eleven: Love, Unity and Rainbows
Signposts of Peace and Unification ~232
The Cube of Life ~ 238
The Rainbow Prophecies ~ 244
A Whole New World ~ 257

RAINBOW.GURU is a theme and vision of the science and revelation the rainbow continues to offer as researchers and visionaries throughout the earth bring these vital teachings to light and heart of consciousness.