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New Earth Revelations | 5D into 3D Revelation

Excerpts from David's book Rainbow Matrix  
  Chapter Ten: New Earth Revelations

Rev. 21:15-16 (TLB) “The angel held in his hand a golden measuring stick to measure the city and its gates and walls. When he measured it, he found it was a square as wide as it was long; in fact it was in the form of a cube, for its height was exactly the same as its other dimensions...”

In the Christian Bible text called the Book of Revelation there are many examples of the transformation of mankind in accord with universal functioning and source. The connection to Sacred Geometry's cube and the matrix of space merging together as one is found in Revelation chapter 21. This is a vision of the writer of the book, John, who saw what he described as a wondrous city descending from the heavens to earth and merging with the people of earth. The chapter is filled with much symbolism to attempt to convey the meaning and description of this energetic occurrence. Many have attempted to visualize this “Cube City of God” as a literal city measuring hundred of miles across in equal measurements of height, width and breadth. John is attempting to communicate a functioning of universal principle using earthly words and terminology. Written in the words of chapter 21 are guideposts that can be seen to show that John was in part talking about the sacred geometric properties of the 3F Rainbow Cube. Within Sacred Geometry the observer connects the universal convergence between the manifest (matter and earth) and unmanifest (energy and heaven). The 21st chapter is a direct reference to that universal convergence. The veil between the ethereal and the manifest is being merged together more and more as we enter into the New World. The energetic matrix of space, referred to by some as God, is becoming more and more apparent in the world of form and in the conscious awareness of human kind. Within Sacred Geometry the observer connects the universal convergence between the manifest (matter and earth) and unmanifest (energy and heaven). Revelation 21 is a direct reference to that universal convergence.

Rev. 21:10-14 “In a vision he took me to a towering mountain peak, and from there I watched that wondrous city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of the skies from God. It was filled with the glory of God and flashed and glowed like a precious gem, crystal clear like jasper. Its walls were broad and high, with twelve gates guarded by twelve angels. And the names of the twelve tribes of Israel were written on the gates. There were three gates on each side--north, south, east, and west. The walls had twelve foundation stones, and on them were written the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.”

These verses from chapter 21 are taken from The Living Bible (TLB) version to form a clearer visualization in the observer's mind of what John witnessed. In 21:15-16 there is a clear reference to measuring the gates and walls of the city. This “city” is said to be; “in fact, it was in the form of a cube.” The dimensions of height, width and breadth all were the same. It is only the platonic solid of a cube that can match this description. John describes a matrix just before these verses that is very consistent with the measurements of a 3F Rainbow Cube.

In this matrix he says the cube has three gates on each side – north, south, east and west. In the third stacking of cubes, called third frequency cube, there are three layers of cubes; bottom, middle and top. These layers face the four cardinal directions around the outside of the 3F Rainbow Cube. There are five total groupings of 12 referenced: 12 gates, 12 angels, 12 tribes, 12 apostles and 12 foundations for a total of 60 aspects or squares. Symbolically, the bottom layer of the third stacking of cubes could be illustrating the 12 gates with each of the three squares facing the four cardinal directions. These gates (squares) have the names of the 12 tribes written upon them and are guarded by the 12 angels right above them in the second layer and third layers of squares on the 3F cube's outer walls. Above the 12 angels, represented by the writing on the gates. The three groups of 12 account for the 36 squares facing the four cardinal directions. The other two groups of 12, foundation stones and apostles, are a combination of the downward and upward facing smaller squares of the 3F Rainbow Cube plus the six larger squares that make up its overall total outer shell.

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The “city” is described, “in fact, it was in the form of a cube.” The dimensions of height, width and breadth are the same. Only the platonic solid of a cube can match this description; a matrix very consistent with the measurements of a 3F Rainbow Cube.
Rev. 21:18-20 “The city itself was pure, transparent gold like glass! The wall was made of jasper, and was built on twelve layers of foundation stones inlaid with gems: the first layer with jasper; the second with sapphire; the third with chalcedony; the fourth with emerald; the fifth with sardonyx; the sixth layer with sardus; the seventh with chrysolite; the eighth with beryl; the ninth with topaz; the tenth with chrysoprase; the eleventh with jacinth; the twelfth with amethyst.”

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Rev. 21:1-6 (TLB) “And I, John, saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven. It was a glorious sight, . . . . And the one sitting on the throne said, 'See, I am making all things new!' And then he said to me, "Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true: It is finished! I am the A and the Z – the Beginning and the End. I will give to the thirsty the springs of the Water of Life--as a gift!” ~ The so-called “Cube City of God” is a representation of the new and life-filled energy coming to earth at this time. When John witnessed this it was the matrix of space that he saw. This matrix of pure vital energy appeared to move from the “heavens” and manifest blending and becoming one with all people. In his psychic vision he explains this as “God” and the “New City” coming down to live with “his” people. In the new era that we are currently in there is a tremendous influx of cosmic energy coming into the conscious awareness of people everywhere. This is an actual increase in consciousness, which is light and understanding. We are moving to the next dimension as a human race. John's vision of the cube matrix is indicative of the cube matrix of space which has always been there and now is merging into the conscious structure stronger than ever. No longer will the separation between space structure (God) and the consciousness of humanity be able to sustain itself. We are moving and space structure is moving to merge with one another. The net result of this inter-blending will be super conscious beings and life here on earth. The darkness which once pervaded our earth is now to be pure light. This pure light is believed to be so “glorious” we will move into the next dimensions connecting, in consciousness, with 4th and 5th dimensional realities. In this higher dimensional reality all pain, tears and suffering is removed. There is no need for sunlight for our minds will be the light to illumine all. There will be a transformation of the lighting structure as we have come to know it. In this time of merging into the higher dimensions there will be an inversion in the light field.

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In this time of merging into the higher dimensions there will be an inversion in the light field. Light will no longer shine from outward sources to illumine but instead from the internal structure of every atom.
The phenomena of the light that shines within outwardly is well researched. Measurable light that illumines is found within our brains and our hearts and can perceived with the naked eye. This is the light which illumines our dreams and psychic visions. Our physical heart puts forth even more light than our brains. Great teachers, prophets and “masters” throughout eons of time have been observed with auras of light around themselves. What this shows us in manifest reality is an inversion of the light field. The person had become so filled with light and love that every portion of their being was filled with light. They had become totally illumined. This infilling from the higher dimensions of space became so acute that their atomic structure could contain no more light and now instead of just receiving light they also emitted light. As super conscious reality is reached and sustained here on earth more and more people will exude this internal light from within. The more the matrix of space merges with the pure and unblemished matrix of our being, the more the light supernal will shine. This will be the beginning of the New Earth, a place where decay and death are removed forever. All has been made new.

Author: David Shepard Love

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