Love Coming

Universal Mind Body and Spirit

To Create Peace within Ourselves and Peace within the World at large we move Powerfully in Our Heart Center. Here we Connect with Universal Source and Instantly Change for the Better Sweeps across the Galaxies Streaming into the Minds, Bodies and Spirits of Every Man, Woman and Child. We Attain Full Heart Power as our Seven Energy Systems are Activated.

Gentle Breezes & Streams

Moving into Relaxation and Inner Peace We Bring this Energy to the World. Calm Yourself and Flow with Gentle Streams and Breezes from Your Rainbow Heart Center into the Heart Center of Every Man, Woman and Child. Indeed OUR Entire World and All Life Everywhere Will Benefit as We Become a Gentle Radiant Beam of Pure Living-Loving Light Returning OUR Beloved Earth to Paradise!

Remembering Our Destiny

All of Humanity Awaken to Remember Our Destiny... We ARE Love, We ARE Light, We ARE One with Source. In this sanity is restored, Peace Abounds and the Garden of Our Beloved Earth is Born Anew. David Shepard Love leads us on this Journey into Our Heart Center to connect deep within Rainbow Being of Every Man, Woman and Child upon the Face of Our Most Sacred Earth.

Galactic Village

Throughout the Universe, Human, Humanoids and Aliens are Streaming to OUR Beloved Planet Earth. We Extend Love and Beauty to them for with their Loving Assistance and Gratitude they too Extend Beauty and All Good things. Together We are Transforming Our World into a Literal Garden. We All Will live in Abundance, Health and Freedom Forevermore!!

Clear Light Visualization

Explore self as connected at heart center beyond and with a matrix of clear crystalline light. Each breath moves you further into awareness at crystal cube center aligning left/right, front/back and top/bottom along grid of pure invisible all source crystalline light.

Painted Rainbow Visualization

Allowing and breathing into heart center within the center of the Painted Rainbow... you energize at center of 3d Triangle into linear of 2d Trinity Six hexagons that move into 3d Tetrahedron. Circular interlinking seven rainbow circles flow into rainbow sphere.

Reflections On Forgiveness

"Forgiveness is an Inside Job". Share a few minutes with David Shepard Love in the Beauty of Nature as he shares reflections and wisdom on how we can have More Peace and Joy in OUR Lives through the Art of Forgiveness. Part of a Series: "Empowerment with Love" Videos.

Reflections On Living Beyond Fear

Living in Our Heart Center We Can Bring Pureness of Intent and Compassion into all of Our Life's Experiences. Enjoy a few minutes in Nature with Simple and Profound Reflections on Life Beyond Fear. We are One with Light, Love and All Life. We Simply Let Go and Let Universal Source... In this all fear dissipates and We Swim in a Living Loving Ocean of Love.