Journey of Enlightenment with David Shepard Love

Since the 1970's David has spent many thousands of hours discovering, analyzing and documenting the “Rainbow Story”. These revelations and understanding of consciousness combined with early life challenges gave him awareness, compassion and commitment to service to aid people from all walks of life about life's greatest mysteries. In the 1980's he lived in an ashram and started his journey as a metaphysical minister and “Rainbow Guru". He uses the name David “Shepard Love” for all his teaching, writing and speaking endeavors in honor of his parents Dorothy Shepard and John Love . . .


Rainbow Prophecies for New Earth

Moving into the Age of Aquarius we are beginning to connect with science and spirituality as never before. We are at the point the veil between the two is being lifted and faith is being replaced by knowing. We are all evolving toward higher consciousness and as we do we connect more of the dots to the inter-workings of the universe around us. Science by definition is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. . . .

Book and Web Site of Rainbow Matrix

Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow. It is a comprehensive study of the language of light and how it manifests universally within base Sacred Geometry with the specific guidance of the natural rainbow. This book reveals all the major worldwide Rainbow Prophecies and how the effect us in the here and now.


Rainbow Flow Mental Yoga Meditation

Make the Most of Your Meditation! Breathe, connect and focus your heart and mind to fully activate chakra centres. Awaken your spirit to life force energy found in all of nature. Natural techniques will help you stop the “mind chatter” and powerfully connect you universally. The system of My Mental Yoga is a meditation practice that can bring the unifying patterns of light, Sacred Geometry, and energy together into our being. This practice can align us as never before to Great Universal Source all around us. Once the being is in alignment then it can function as one with the all that is. This will bring us greater health, mental acuity and peace.


The Emerald Ring of Revelation Four

As seen with the connections of Yin Yang, there is great harmony and balance in the study and application of the Revelation Four Diagram. The Revelation Four Diagram is an advanced study of Yin Yang. Its name arises out of the many-fold and magnanimous connections that arise from the Christian religion's final book of their bible called Revelation. The name represents a summation of the total of chapter four of Revelation that describes what is called in the Rainbow Equation, Logos Circle Seven. The Revelation Four Diagram is a wonderful blending of both Sacred and Geometry. It is steeped in sacred connections blending self with universal self

Reflections on Living Beyond Fear

Living in Our Heart Center We Can Bring Pureness of Intent and Compassion into all of Our Life's Experiences. Enjoy a few minutes in Nature with Simple and Profound Reflections on Life Beyond Fear. We are One with Light, Love and All Life. We Simply Let Go and Let Universal Source... In this all fear dissipates and We Swim in a Living Loving Ocean of Love.

Your Personal Growth Connection

Your Connection for Past Life Regressions, Hypnosis, Psychic Parties & Card Readings, Reiki, Weddings & Metaphysical Growth Events Helping You Live a Happy and Abundant Life.
David and Debora Love are holistic practitioners and facilitators. Each are here to share with you their lifelong experiences with healing and spiritual growth.
Debora is a Certified Hypnotist, Past-Life Regressionist, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Holistic Energy Healer.
David is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Pastor, Published Author and Lecturer.